Welcome to BGF BUNAX

BGF-Bunax, the firm with 30 years of experience, is a well-know manufacturer and exporter of semi-finished products, spare parts and construction components for various installations used in agriculture (stock farms etc.).

The production mainly incorporates:

  • Elements of three-points suspension assembly between tractor and farm machine as: ball-and-socket joints, connecting rods, hooks, thimbles, spindles, quick connectors.
  • Hydraulic elements apply to systems as: John Deere, Ford, Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Class, Deutz in categories 1, 2 and 3. Auxlinary steelworks as: steps, ladders, lifts, jacks, suppert wheels, windshield wipers etc.
  • Lights and warning light sets as: boards, lamps, plugs, extension cables, reflection lights etc.

Elements and constructions made of acid-resistant steel as components of various installations in agriculture, particulary in stock farms.

  • Sealing components, handles, grips, stems madder of rubber or matal-to-rubber.
  • Plastic elements as housings, enclosures, lampshades.

Within framework of manufacturing, we employ the modern production technologies as follows:

  • production and treatment of drop forgins from 0,5 – 10 kg,
  • production and bending of stell sheets from 0,8-4 mm thickness,
  • machining materials made of steel, including acid-resistant steel,
  • machining elements using numerically controled machines,
  • modern methods of welding, particulary welding of acid-resistant stell,
  • chemical treatment as: galvanizing and nitrating,
  • forming aluminium alloys using press machines,
  • forming plastics using programmable automatic injection moulding machines manufactured by Arburg,
  • varnishing plastics,
  • production of injection moulds.

Thank you for your interest in BGF-Bunax’s offer. You are welcome to cooperate with us.